Distill is an unassuming bar on Argyle Street, that’s somewhat lost in this corner of town. But venture inside it’s geometric frontage, and you’ll find yourself of heck of a hotspot, you might just return to, again and again.

The Venue

From the outside, Distill looks different from the other bars on the street, a long, narrow, low, window, is the only break in an otherwise plain façade. Inside the bar is something of a mis-match of elements. The front section is rather warm and whimsical, a flower on each table, and a cosy corner seat by the window to watch the world go by. Up at the back is the dining area, a space that’s decked out more like a slick club with strip lighting and a black-on-black mural, that harks back to this bar’s former guise as IVY. The bars itself is different again, a cracking set of decks sit in front of it, and the back wall is lined with dozens upon dozens of spirits, namely one spirit…rum.

Distill bar on Argyle Street


Distill is a stylish cocktail bar, decked out in chic lighting and unique murals. 

The Clientele and Atmosphere

Our visit was in the early evening, but this bar was already bustling. For a place that has quite discerning tastes in its music policy (this bar is often the pre-club party go-to for the Berkeley Suite) I’d figured the crowd might be a little too-cool, and aloof. But far from it. Almost in a Cheers style, the staff behind the bar were chatting to the punters like they were genuine friends, everyone looked up to say hi as we entered – almost like a rural local. Despite the familiarity, this place is still rather cool, from the slick drinks and the chic décor, to the great house tunes, it also attracts its fair share of trendies. 

Distill cocktail bar on Argyle Street

This bar has a serious penchant for cocktails of the rum variety. As you can see, it's well-stocked. 

Food and Drink

We just popped into Distill for a drink, and there are plenty to choose from. As I mentioned, this costail joint is rather passionate about cocktails of the rum variety. You won't get your average white rum chucked into a glass here, they use all manner of brands and vintages to match the tipple. From the Diplomatico Exclusiva Venezuelan Rum in the El Presidente, to the Doorly's 3 year old in the Some Like It Hot, these are some discerning drinks. If you fancy a bite though, Distill also delivers, with pizzas and burgers as a specialty. 

Distill cocktail bar on Argyle Street

Especially busy on weekends, Distill is a stylish bar with cool tunes and pre-club bevvies. 


Distill is a cool little cocktail bar, with the vibes of a local pub and the look of a club. A friendly joint, with great music and greater drinks, if you're looking  for a night of drinking, dancing, then drinking again, this one is worth venturing down the other side of Argyle Street for.