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This New Hidden Restaurant In Dublin Serves Wine On Tap


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Taking residency in a former butchers on Camden Street, Frank’s is the second venture from chef turned restaurateur Darren Free, whose first opening Delahunt is located just down the road.

Offering a quirky experience, Frank’s is a walk-in, one-room restaurant and wine bar seating 20 around one table. At the end is a small cooking area where chef Chris Maguire will prepare the succinct menu of snacks, a choice of four mains, dessert and cheese. The menu features two snack dishes of olives and barley crackers, alongside poached trout, spring salad, lamb breast or foie gras for the main course. Dessert consists of coffee panna cotta, followed by Boyne Valley blue cheese.

The former butchery retains the same exterior, a deliberate move by Free, while the inside is made up of green panelled walls, black and white tiled flooring, and wine bottles lining the shelves. There will also be 10 wines on tap, four red, four white, sparkling and a vermut. Bottles will be specially-sourced, changed weekly and exclusively available, with only one or two of the same per week. Championing a stripped-back experience, Frank’s is all about reducing costs, so expect reasonable prices when heading over.