New Bar Spy - Hellfire

This New Dublin Restaurant Is Unleashing Hell With Its Fired-Up Menu of Smoked Meats



Now Open

Daring, diverse… and devilishly good. Hellfire is the cool new restaurant in Dublin city centre that’s flaming to please with its varied choice of dishes, ranging from pizza and pasta to a load of smoked, roasted and fired-up delights.

Nestled on Westmoreland Street, this enticing opening comes from chef Roberto Rapisardi, who holds quite the culinary reputation. He’s worked in numerous award-winning eateries across the world over his 35 years of experience, each fuelling his passion for gorgeous, grilled grub. The result? Hellfire.

The restaurant itself is slick and intimate, with white-tiled, cavernous walls, parquet flooring, autumnal foliage and moody lighting. Smack bang in the middle, you’ll find the centrepiece - the kitchen. Here, the team of chefs diligently whip up your feast in front of your eyes, firing up meat and fish in Ireland’s very first Hornos HBE charcoal oven. But if you’re sat in the basement, away from all the action, you can still catch them at work on the live steam TVs.

When you’re not sinking your teeth into locally produced tomahawk and ribeye steaks, treat yourself to beautifully buttered lobster, smoked sea bass or roasted octopus. But that’s not all, as this hangout also offers a selection of Italian-inspired eats, rustling up slices cooked with biscotti brick for a woody flavour, as well as handmade pasta and focaccia. To wash it all down? Choose from an extensive array of wine, bubbly and draught beer.

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