This Club Night Is Only Playing Taylor Swift Songs

Published . By Faith Strickland.

Swiftogeddon Club Night Dublin DesignMyNight

...Are you ready for it? A night dedicated to T-Swizzle is heading to Dublin this March.

Know all the words to 'Shake It Off'? Can you sing 'Out Of The Woods' backwards? Calling all Swifties - a night dedicated to T-Swizzle is heading to Dublin and promises to be a non-stop rave of her greatest hits.

Grab your Lover, your best mate, or any old random off the street and head over to The Grand Social as Swiftogeddon lands in Dublin for the first time this March. While its new to Ireland, the club night has already wooed crowds across the UK, from London to Glasgow, with its mix of deep cuts, extended mixes and fan favourites - sounds like trouble.

Swiftogeddon is taking place at The Grand Social, 35 Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1 on Friday 20th March. Tickets cost €10.50 and can be purchased here.