New bar spy - Bartley's Bar and Restaurant

This Slick Bar And Restaurant Pays Homage To Dublin's Rich Cultural History

Published . By Georgia Evans.

Bartley's Bar and Restaurant


Now Open

Housed within the Grafton Hotel, this sleek bar and restaurant takes its name from Bartley Dunne's, one of the city’s most cosmopolitan and influential historical watering holes. Replicating the ‘Aladdin's Cave’ aesthetic of its namesake, Bartley’s is decorated with plush furniture, dimmed lighting and golden accents. This is then extended to the leather booth-lined dining space and outdoor seating area with patterned tiling.

The menu specialises in dishes from across the Continent, such as the porcini mushroom tortellini, grilled supreme of Irish corn chicken and homemade chicken liver pate. These are accompanied by signature bowls like the Grafton’s Rainbowl featuring multicoloured veggies and proteins, the Rustic Farm made up of roasted ingredients, and the Far East which is drizzled with Thai sweet chilli sauce.

To wash it down? There’s an extensive wine list and a selection of classic cocktails and a few individual creations that pay homage to the city’s history. We’re looking at the Dunne’s Flip in particular, which boasts a unique blend of Guinness, Black Twist, Pedro Ximenez, pomegranate molasses, cream and egg.