New bar spy - The Brass Beetle

Quirky interiors and quirkier pizzas are at the centre of new bar The Brass Beetle

The Brass Beetle

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What they say:

The Brass Beetle is a cool new addition to Cardiff’s Whitchurch Road, offering delicious cocktails and wood-fired pizzas every night of the week. The slightly eccentric menu is matched by the aesthetics, using a bold green colour scheme on the walls, with framed pictures of beetles and old-fashioned mirrors decorating them. This retro aesthetic continues into the seating area, with slump-able chesterfield sofas and armchairs next to wooden tables and chairs, which are a bit friendlier to those grabbing a slice of pizza.

What we say:

Pizza is a food trend that has never stopped being a trend, and one of its greatest strengths is how many different things you can put on top and it still be delicious. Which is the direction The Brass Beetle are hoping to go, with their pizzas topped with ingredients sourced by local suppliers, cooked in a wood-fire oven, but offering toppings such as cockles, pancetta, lava bread and samphire. There’s also a number of vegetarian pizzas, including the super-food heavy lentils, crispy kale and asparagus. You can wash all that down with one of their drinks - mostly classic cocktails with a twist (changing the normally sweet and sharp margarita into a spicy treat with chilli flakes and fresh jalapenos), as well as coffee supplied by Clifton Coffee Roasters.