Secret cocktail bar opening in Cardiff

Last updated . By Mariah Posey.

Maquis Bar

#Maquis Bar will be serving classic 1940s cocktails and is set to open in the centre of Cardiff.

Pulling inspiration from WWII covert resistance operations, which operated with concealed identities, a new secret bar will be opening in the centre of Cardiff. This mysterious bar, in conjunction with the Festival of Voice, has named its collective #Maquis and will be full of contraband and serving classic 1940s cocktails.

The #Maquis Bar will be open for 10 nights in June at a secret location in Cardiff to be revealed on opening day. But to stay in the know, drops of information are available to the public via the bar’s Twitter page. What is known for certain is that classic cocktails and alcoholic spirits will be served, some theatrical happenings will be taking place and Amsterdam’s Radio Barkas will be there playing vintage tunes. Many details are still secret, but keep an eye out for more information. In the meantime, remember to be discrete and prepare a disguise for the bar's debut.

#Maquis Bar will be open from Thursday 7th June to Sunday 17th June in the centre of Cardiff.