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Local Brewery To Open High Street Pub


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March 2018

What they say:

Following on from the success of their Llandaff Road taproom, the team from the Crafty Devil Brewery are planning to open their first proper Cardiff bar venture. The ethos behind the new opening is to create a haven for those looking to socialise away from the slightly stiff environment of the traditional pub. Aiming for an American-style bar, the likes of which the city has never seen before, the Crafty Devil guys are still in the process of crowdfunding for this opening.

What we say:

This latest Cardiff drinking den from the Crafty Devil Brewery is currently in the process of reaching its crowdfunding goal. Aiming to open in March of next year, this American-style bar will be a haven for craft beer fans and hops novices alike. Serving up a great range of beers, ciders and wines, as well as good food, the venue is hoping to encourage a more social atmosphere than the average pub by fitting a giant bar that will be the focal point of the room and will facilitate chitchat with bartenders as well as other patrons.