We Drank Like Lost Boys At Bristol's Neverland-Inspired Cocktail Bar

London Cocktail Club have been building a cult following in the capital since the opening of their Covent Garden flagship in 2008. Now, with a reputation for quirky decor and debaucherous party spirit, it seems only natural that they would head to the equally vibrant location of Bristol. Adorning their site on Clifton Triangle with Neverland-themed decor, LCC encourage guests to never grow up and go on straight till morning. So naturally, we swung by to check out what these Lost Boys were up to on a Friday night.

The bar’s exterior doesn’t really give anything away, which makes for a pretty incredible entrance. Walking in, we were greeted by low lighting, smooth jazz and couples snuggling. As we settled into our plush leather seats under the florally-adorned ceiling, we admired the hanging birdcages, printed wallpaper and large alligator fixed to the wall of the juniper forest. While the party was not yet in full swing, guests trickled in at a steady pace as if heading out for the evening, grabbing after-work drinks or going on a date night. Nevertheless, it’s pretty well-known that LCC do know how to crank it up once they get going, and it was still early hours.

London Cocktail Club Interior | Bristol Bar Reviews | DesignMyNight

This cute little spot comes with a kooky drinking companion, see if you can spot him.

While contemplating this, it seemed fitting to get the first round in, a decadently sharp Negroni Bianco (£11). This classic cocktail went down an absolute treat, with delicate citrus undertones elevating the taste as Marvin Gaye chimed in the background. The LCC humour started to show itself as we were brought the Burt Reynolds (£11), a Sazerac with an extra dash of maple syrup and absinthe and served with a moustache stuck on the glass, which earned a chuckle.

As Curtis Hardin’s Pusher Man kicked off on the speakers, the party vibe began to creep in, so of course it was time for another drink. It seems that LCC are proud of their Porn Star Martinis (£10.50) as they frequently appear on the bar group’s social media, so it was a natural choice. The drink was a punchy, fruity treat with a delicious zing from the passion fruit, making it dangerously easy to guzzle away. This was also the case of the Bramley Apple Smash (£10), served in a jar with a picnic blanket-esque cover. Nevertheless, the night was beginning to draw in, so when we heard the tick tocking of the crocodile's clock closing in we sadly had to bid adieu to Neverland, and all its island misfits getting in the Fri-yay spirit.

London Cocktail Club Interior | Bristol Bar Reviews | DesignMyNight

The vibrant bar area before the party kicks off and mischief unfolds. 

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London Cocktail Club is a venue that can do both. In the early hours, its cosy sofa area and hanging flowers make for an intimate date location before the party kicks off and guests dance on the tables. With its menu of enticingly drinkable cocktails and quirky sense of humour, this London favourite fits right in with its Bristol counterparts.