Student Nights in Brighton

Congratu-freakin'-lations, you bagged yourself a spot at one of the best universities in Brighton and have succumbed to the jealousy of all your chums at home, but where to go from here in nabbing yourself that all important student night of passage? The partying of course. Be you a University of Brighton babe or University of Sussex stud, you're spoilt for nightlife choices when it comes to our top notch seaside. From rollicking Brighton student bars to club nights that leave you weak at the knees, we're coming up trumps.

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Student Nightlife in Brighton

  • Student Bars In Brighton

    From down and dirty dive bars to cocktail spots, try these Brighton student bars on for size.

  • VIP Clubbing

    Fancy taking things up a level with guestlist and VIP booths? These clubs should do the trick.

  • Cheap Drinks in Brighton

    Aw heck. Student loan not come through yet? No bother, we've got your affordable round of drinks sorted.

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