Outbreak Brighton

Secret Location Brighton

Sorry, this event has taken place.

Sorry, this event has taken place.


This event has taken place
17:00 - 21:00
All Brighton

Following routine research and training at a classified location in the Sussex Downs, military officers have uncovered an unrecognised nerve agent that seems so far unresponsive to know antidotes. What happens following exposure is highly disturbing and cannot be revealed for security reasons. Our unit is a specialist division researching the ongoing and future development of chemicals designed to combat lethal nerve agents - we urgently need your help in order to prevent serious OUTBREAK.

An insane and totally immersive horror experience in Brighton, Outbreak is the wildest and most terrifying event to hit Brighton this Halloween. Participants will be met at a secret location in Brighton and taken, by military escort, to a classified site deep in the South Downs. What happens after that is classified but the horror will begin from the moment you arrive.

This is nothing like you have seen before - enter at your own risk and be prepared to run, crawl, climb and navigate your way through terrifying areas with reduced lighting... be warned, you will not come out of this clean. This is like nothing you have seen before. 


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Secret Location Brighton
, Brighton



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