Student Nights in Birmingham

From Aston to BCU, Birmingham has the second largest student community in the UK. And what with five different university's to choose from, that means there are plenty of parties and student club nights in Birmingham to choose from too. From indie student pubs in the Birmingham suburbs to raving city centre clubs that don't stop until breakfast is served, there's something for everyone in this premium party city. 

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Student Nightlife in Birmingham

  • Student Pubs in Birmingham

    Whether it's a post-lecture pint or a warm-up to a night out, these student pubs in Birmingham have got it all.

  • Birmingham's Happy Hours

    2-4-1, discounted drinks and cut-price booze; stay wise with your student loans at Birmingham's best happy hours.

  • Student Clubs in Birmingham

    Uni days are meant to be the best days; make sure every night is a corker with this list of Brum's best clubs for students.

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