New bar spy - Mowgli Street Food Birmingham

YouTuber Nisha Katona's Mowgli restaurant comes to Birmingham bringing authentic Indian street food

Mowgli Street Food Birmingham

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TBC September

What they say:

While Birmingham isn’t a stranger to a celebrity restaurant, it’s not every day that an internet celebrity moves into town. Well, YouTuber Nisha Katona has already earned her stripes, having three successful Mowgli restaurants in Manchester and Liverpool and has set her sights on the casual dining square of Grand Central. The 364 sq metre venue will be serving up plates of authentic Indian street food – and when she says authentic, she means it, because Nisha trains every chef in her restaurants herself to ensure it is.

What we say:

Mowgli is more proof that Birmingham deserves its reputation of being renowned for excellent Indian restaurants. A bit more relaxed than some of the other venues in the city, they offer a variety of dishes ranging from mother butter chicken (that’s the ‘real’ street food version of chicken tikka masala to you and me) and Himalayan style cheese on toast to gunpowder chicken poppers. There’s also a selection of vegan dishes too and the drinks are just as tasty. Expect cocktails, wines, beers and lassis, which are long yoghurt coolers with flavours like pineapple chilli & lime and mango.