Bennetts Hill and the surrounding streets have suddenly come alive with some of the coolest bars in Birmingham City Centre; which is really handy for those of us working in the Business Quarter seeking out some after-work imbibing. Cosy Club is the latest addition to this, and it’s a corker.

The Venue

Walking into the place is what I would imagine it’d be like to look inside Mary Poppin’s handbag. You walk through the door and boom, it’s huge! Tall ceilings, long bar, lots of comfy seating and an upstairs area for food. Luckily, I was sat with a lover of all things historical, who immediately recognised the place as an old bank; and they’ve very much kept the character of it intact; which is one of the coolest things about the venue thanks to its traditional awnings and curated intent.

cosy club review birmingham restaurant bar

A Bennett's Hill babe soon to be known for its classic interiors and nod to architecture.

The Food and Drink

I’ll admit I didn’t eat during my visit, but, being a dedicated reviewer I inspected the menu and closely eyed up what others were having. There was a lot of really good looking tapas coming out, the likes of honey-glazed shredded five-spice pork and sweet potato and basil falafels with mint and cucumber yoghurt. Everyone seemed more than happy tucking into it, and I’ll admit I was a little jealous when I saw some insane-looking fried chicken, which I was told is buttermilk fried chicken with triple-cooked chips and a side of slaw (£9.95). There are a lot of crowd pleasers to pick from and the gluten-free and vegans of the world need not worry, as they’re all catered for too.

Now for the important stuff. The cocktails. I started off with a Gingerbread Bramble (£6.95), which was a cheeky little twist on the classic blackberry taste. My Historian/co-reviewer for the evening made the choice of the evening, though, with the Lemon Drizzle Cake. So good. I wish ‘liquid cake’ could do justice to how brilliantly this drink has been balanced to taste like the real thing. Being a whisky lover, I had to see what the Old Fashioned was up to, and I wasn’t disappointed. I threw an off-menu request for a Dirty Martini in at the end, and I was really pleased when the immediate question was, “vodka or gin? All in all, I really would recommend popping in for one (several) of the many off-the-wall choices.

cosy club cocktails review birmingham

Whisk your palate away with a sweet and sup worth Gingerbread Bramble at Cosy Club.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The atmosphere really is buzzing. It’s full of post-work office folk and the mid 20-30’s. I think it should be noted that the atmosphere has a lot to do with the staff, who are attentive and brilliant at keeping everyone happy. The one girl in particular looking after us was an absolute star and I think she deserves a mention, but everyone else who spoke to us was also great.

cosy club review birmingham restaurant

Hosts and waitresses at Cosy Club? An absolute testament to the charm of the building.


Really friendly place, relaxed, smart-casual, and a bit quirky. A good date spot or one to go for the first few drinks of the evening, I'd definitely recommend heading back to The Cosy Club in the near future, they're too nice not to!