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Birmingham's first all-vegan eatery to bring organic, gluten and sugar-free dishes to the city

Natural Bar

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What they say:

Birmingham’s vegans are in for a treat as the first all-vegan eatery, Natural Healthy Foods, is setting up shop in the City Centre. After finding success as a shop selling meat and dairy-free ingredients, the brand is planning to extend the same natural philosophy to its newest venture, offering up gluten-free, sugar-free organic vegan food. This doesn't mean they're skimping on flavours, serving a menu packed with hot and raw dishes such as chillis, risottos, cheesecakes and brownies.

What we say:

It’s about time Britain’s second city got a whole eatery dedicated to one of the largest-growing lifestyles in the country. Natural Healthy Foods is hoping its friendly and delicious approach to food will promote a healthier lifestyle, while still delivering on flavours with dishes such as chilli kelp and black fungus mushrooms with ginger and miso dressing. As its name suggests, they are fully committed to the healthy cause, with even the drinks, like Kombucha – a fermented tea drink said to boost digestion, immunity and energy – purporting health benefits.