New bar spy - Jackson & Rye

Jackson & Rye set to bring American style dishes & rye spirits to Birmingham's city centre

Jackson & Rye

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What they say:

With six successful venues firmly established in the south of England, the Jackson & Rye brand is looking north - albeit not that far north - to Birmingham. The brand has always looked to create a rustic feel in all its venues, mirroring that of the American diners and speakeasies of old. Guests will be able to enjoy a menu full of classic American dishes - from barbecued ribs and hearty burgers to pancakes and crispy fried chicken - while gulping down fine wine, rye spirits or classic cocktails. 

What we say:

Jackson & Rye is a name that's firmly cemented itself near the top London's food and drink market. The authentic, fiery flavours offered by the kitchen fit perfectly with the cocktails and spirits served by the venue's bar staff. The American comfort food and spirit combination is something we're seeing more and more; Birmingham definitely has a few spots to rival this new venue. But having cut their teeth in arguably the most difficult culinary market, we're sure the Jackson & Rye team's going to do just fine in its Birmingham digs.