The Village - Pub Review

By Maygen Jacques.

People will soon look around and ask that burning question...where were you when The Village in Moseley opened? A great new pub in the heart of this bustling suburb, we discovered why this bohemian bar has got everybody talking. 

The Venue

Moseley is turning out to be a seriously cool part of Birmingham, and The Village is set to be the tip of that iceberg. It’s so on-trend it hurts. An exceedingly well thought-out venue; you can’t help but look around and notice more and more of the intricate details dotted about that make it so darn quirky, be it the mis-matched yet bohemian furniture or the vintage pickings and rustic charm. It’s crisp and fresh, but exudes comfort at the same time; it’s a stylish place you’ll want to be seen sporting patterned knitwear in.

 village moseley pub review

A gastro blend of bohemian flair and vintage charm, Moseley is just the beginning of icing on the cake for pubs in Moseley.

The Drink

A seriously great depth in drink selection on the bar. I highly recommend you try a cocktail, especially if you’re a gin fan. Even if you’re not; try one. Trust me, there’s a gin out there for everyone and they’ll find it for you. The bar staff certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to mixology so put your taste buds in their hands, (not literally). There are some gorgeous bottled beers and some wild card draughts to choose from too. If you’re not a drinker at all, fear not, they’ve got more than just the standard soft drinks on offer. Even the kids can have a crack at whipping up their own cocktail concoctions with juice and fizzy drinks!

 drinks village moseley review birmingham

Gin cocktails are a must at The Village in Moseley as bartenders boast the knowledge and mixology craftsmanship to boot. 

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The staff make it hard for you to be anything but peaceful. Attentive and friendly, you’ll not be left waiting for anything you need. There’s a definite buzz as soon as you walk in, and it’s because everyone is so relaxed from being so well looked after the only thing you have to concentrate on is your conversation. You can’t help but feel trendy against the jaunty backdrop, surrounded by the Bohemian population of Birmingham. Look closely, and you’ll see that this includes the young hipsters, the locals, the businessmen, the families, the lot. There’s a place for everyone.

 village review moseley pub birmingham

Laid back yet cool, fun yet fairly chilled out; who said a pub in Birmingham couldn't have the best of both worlds?


The Village has the potential to become wildly popular in Moseley. It has all the right ingredients; a fantastic venue with rakish appearance, helpful and friendly staff, and a great selection of food and booze to keep you entertained. My advice is simple; go there and see for yourself!