This hot new pop-up, due to open on Friday 10th April in Digbeth's Boxxed venue, is going to create a splash in Birmingham's night life scene. Hot Tub Cinema has been touring the country since its launch in 2012 and takes the view that film goes further than the big screen - the cinema should be an experience, not just a show. Their newest adventure promises to be just as exciting and just as much fun as the others, so dig out those bathing suits, put away those sweaters and prepare to grab Spring by the speedos. Films showing include The Lion King on opening night followed by Ghostbusters, Grease, Back to the Future and Dirty Dancing, respectively.

Hot Tub Cinema pop-up to open Digbeth

Warm and toasty - clink glasses, sit back and relax in your very own hot tub.

The Hot Tub HQ are encouraging of costumes, booze, dancing, singing and any other raucous activities possible in the small vicinity of a hot tub, so don't expect the usual quiet viewing, and if you love to follow your movies, bear in mind that interruptions and distractions are part of the deal. But for a steamy evening spent soaking in a hot tub, it's gotta be worth it. And you're sure to be relaxed either way.

You have the option to book a whole tub for 6-8 of you and your mates, or if you're feeling adventurous, book a couple of tickets and share your hot tub with some strangers. Who said you can't make friends while you're half-naked? Break the ice with some tight speedos or a coconut bikini and widen that social circle of yours.

Opening Friday 10th April and closing Tuesday 14th, dive straight in and be the first of your friends to nab a ticket, on sale now, at £25 for a single ticket or £150 to book a 6-seater hot tub.