Clubs in Birmingham don’t come bigger than Gatecrasher. Standing proud at the top of party mecca Broad Street, you know straight away, this place means business. Host to the biggest student nights in Birmingham and the most stylish Saturdays on Broad Street, it’s popular with locals and students alike. Infamous in Birmingham, Gatecrasher was always a place where friends wanted to go whenever they visited.

The Venue

Gatecrasher isn't called one of Birmingham’s biggest clubs for nothing, it is a pretty grand affair. Speaking from my experience, I can offer one piece of advice before you start, make sure your phone is charged up so you can find that one wandering friend we know we all have (and I did).

The club has four main areas, each with a very different vibe, The Main Room, Mansion, Arkade and Bed – almost like four Broad Street Clubs in one. Four individual areas with different music and it’s own style, from the elaborate mirror balls and private red leather booths in the main room to the plush, stylish décor up in Bed. Mansion is much darker with impressive lighting effects making this a good spot for dancing with a group of mates; and if you think you have managed to meet the one? You can always head to one of the kissing booths in Arkade! It is a bit of a labyrinth but it is definitely worth checking out each room to take in the impressive lighting, abundance of mirror balls and sheer scale of the place and to see which room takes your fancy the most.

gb review

Brimming to packed almost every night, this superclub is a venue of epic proportions.

The Drink

I didn't expect any fancy cocktails or premium ales, and I didn't get them either, but you will find all the drinks you would expect from a bar in Birmingham. Aimed at the party ready, Gatecrasher has some of the best drinks deals of any club on Broad Street. By the looks of a flyer I was handed on entry it looks like Loaded Mondays and Get On It Thursdays are particularly budget savvy, with drinks starting at only 99p, with £1.80 double vodkas and £1 jager bombs.

gb drinks

Whilst the drinks aren't revolutionary at Gatecrasher, the prices are.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

With such drinks deals I expected and saw only one thing, students. Students in Birmingham flock here, ready to dance the night away. It looks like they style things up every Saturday with Superstar Boudoir, where the prices are up and the weekend crowd arrive; and whilst I visited on a Wednesday, it doesn't look like that booming party spirit stops on a weekday either

A promising is the blaring tunes which were a happy mixture of House, R&B, Dubstep and Commercial pop – you name it and they will play it somewhere in Gatecrasher! This club in Birmingham has real party atmosphere, so don’t come here if you’re after a chat and a catch up, Gatecrasher is all about dancing.

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Heaving with trendy young party revelers, Gatecrasher is for the fun and the fabulous. 


If you’re looking for a party experience, with the lights, music, décor and entertainment to match, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better club in Birmingham; Gatecrasher does exactly what it says on the tin. Though I felt it a little too big for my liking, I doubt it fails to provide a busy and lively night, with it’s popularity with students undeniable.