Popstar to bar staff: The Vamps singer Bradley Simpson to open gin bar in Birmingham

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

Bradley Simpson The Vamps Gin Bar Birmingham

Bradley Simpson (middle) and The Vamps, who are so cool they forgot how to look at each other.

A new gin bar is opening in Sutton Coldfield and it’s coming from a surprising source: Bradley Simpson, lead singer of perpetual heartthrobs The Vamps.

The 21-year-old is adding running a bar to his list of skills (which includes singing and running away from screaming girls), a 1920s speakeasy themed venue called Simpsons Gin Bar that focuses on table service and live music. Unfortunately, you won't be able to convince the popstar to whip you up a Tom Collins as he will instead act as a marketing manager and sometimes-DJ. His mum, Anne-Marie, is taking the helm and has big plans for the venue. Along with table service, she’s piling the sophistication on with crystal glasses, leather seats and chandeliers in each window. While it focuses on gin, the bar will stock all your favourites like rum, whiskey, champagne and cocktails.

Rock and Roll Birmingham, you've just found your new date night destination. Just make sure they don't fall weak at the knees when they see a popstar on the decks.

Simpsons Gin Bar is due to open February 2017 in Sutton Coldfield near Birmingham.