Of all the Halloween events in Birmingham this coming October, The Morgue may well be the most likely to leave you sleeping with the light on, clutching your duvet to your chin and shivering at things that go bump in the night. Screams have been heard all over the Arcadian and Gay Quarter, blood curdling screams followed by deafening silences…....Well that’s the rumour anyway.

Ominous to say the least, The Morgue in Hurst Street is already shaping up for terrifying antics to come. 

All hallows eve approaches and naturally, you have an appointment at the local morgue; just need to pop in and ‘identify several bodies’. I would just like to bring to your attention the ‘several’ bodies you need to identify. So a pretty simple, if a bit unusual errand. However, I have a feeling that things may not go quite to plan, after all, where is Dr Sarah-Louise Williams? Personally, I have no idea who this woman is. Any person who hangs out in morgues on Halloween is a fool to me. But this unlucky lady of science needs your help. It is your body identifying duty to find Dr Williams and rescue her, but be careful, the most intense horror may befall her…or you.

The Morgue Live! Is Birmingham’s first Terror Attraction of its kind and bound to be more than just the odd ghosty and ghouly. Set to break the bravest of souls, and for just £7.50, it seems like a bargain to me. This jump-out-of-your-skin, pee-your-pants attraction is open for just over a month from October 4th so grab your tickets for nights of screams and shenanigans and find out if The Morgue really is live…