Take a trip back to science class at the Heisenbar

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

Heisenbar Immersive Cocktail Masterclass

Take a trip back in time to your science class days... except with more booze. 

If anything proves that science isn't just for nerds, it’s that cocktails are basically a science now. So if you spent more time in chemistry staring at whatever sex you fancied than listening to your teacher, you can now make up for lost time at the Heisenbar, the custom-built classroom that’s going to teach you the science of cocktails.

Sitting in Birmingham-institution the Old Crown’s garden and decked out from a renovated Chevy RV, this roaming science lab is inviting you in for some lessons on the study of mixology in this immersive cocktail masterclass. But there’s no textbooks involved here: it’s you, an hour long class, and the science teachers ready to impart all their tasty, tasty molecular knowledge. You’ll be using all sorts of equipment to create two cocktails, and you’ll also be treated to a ‘boozy palate cleanser’ too... just don’t tell the head teacher.

The Heisenbar cocktail masterclass costs £20 and are located at 188 High Street, Birmingham, B12 0LD. They are open Friday 5pm - 11pm, Saturday 1pm - 11pm, and Sunday 1pm - 11pm.