Syria has a rich and ancient food culture that goes back centuries. On Tuesday 3 November, Brummies will get to sample their wares. Credit: Owen De Visser Photography

The war in Syria has raged on for almost five years with over eleven million being forced to flee from their home - the scale of its impact cannot be understated. To aid those that have been affected, local food and drink guide 'Dine Birmingham' have organised a banquet that introduces Syrian cuisine to Birmingham’s food lovers, with all profits being donated to Oxfam’s Syrian refugee appeal.

The ‘A Taste of Syria’ banquet will be hosted on 3rd November at Syriana, an independent Middle Eastern. For just £30 per head, guests will be treated to a delectable three course meal which starts with an assortment meze, including falafel, flame-grilled red peppers, hummus, and fattoush. To follow up for mains, there's a choice of Lamb Shakreyeh - tender lamb meat cooked in yoghurt sauce; Farrouj Meshwi - chargrilled chicken served with baked vegetables and garlic sauce; or for the vegetarians, there's a rich sauce of okra (‘lady’s fingers’) cooked in tomatoes and olive oil. All dishes will be served alongside seasoned rice and traditional Syrian flatbread, but more importantly, they all promise to be delish! To see the meal off, you'll tuck into and assortment of baklawa - Arabian pastries made with honey, nuts and pistachios - super stodgy sweetness. 

Throughout the evening, mellow Middle-Eastern music will be played as a backdrop to the meal, and at some point, there'll even be a live belly-dancing performance to entertain guests!

Experience a delectable three course meal and a thoroughly enjoyable night, all whilst contributing to a remarkable cause. More information and tickets can be found here.