This one has been running around the rumour mill for quite some time, but it looks like the date is finally set and Birmingham’s favourite indie club’s days are numbered. Snobs is packing up and moving on, away from its home for 41 years on Paradise Circus Queensway. But don’t start shedding the tears just yet, Snobs is a pinnacle of Birmingham nightlife and this stubborn survivor isn’t just going to disappear. In a £2 million move, sweet and sweaty Snobs will be getting a brand new home come April, despite years of effort to keep the club in its original home.

Birmingham's rowdiest indie club is packing up shop and making a move across our fair city.

We must accept that change is inevitable and bid good bye to the venue that has housed so many nights of screaming to The Killers, bouncing to Limp Bizkit and twisting our hips off to Chubby Checker. A little cry may be in order, but do not mourn too heavily. The new venue will be able to house double the capacity of the current venue at 1400, meaning plenty more room to party to pop punk classics. The new venue is set to be the old Vudu Club which happens to be all of walking distance from New Street station. Owner Wayne Tracey has promised to deliver the same formula as used in Birmingham’s oldest nightclub, including the styling which was originally based on Doctor Who. This time round, Snobs 2.0 promises to be a whole lot bigger and a whole lot better.

Yes, it may be over for the original body Snobs, but the soul of the place will live on as loudly and as messy as ever. As Andy McCourt, (the bloke developing the new place) from Gethan Ventures said, Snobs has a very firm place in our fair city and ‘Birmingham would be a much poorer place without it’. Here here!