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Most people in Birmingham (and plenty outside it, no doubt) have heard all about The Jekyll and Hyde’s reputation as a quirky and charismatic bar. Specialising in gin cocktails, its shrine to the retro drink features a whole host of vintage touches, from the Alice in Wonderland smoking area, to the dripping candles and gilt-framed pictures on the walls

Where better then, to sample something that manages to sound both old-fashioned and trendy at the same time? The “Eat Me Drink Me” Gin and Food Fusion Menu, pairing well-prepared dishes with gin drinks, gets this popular bar named our Restaurant of the Month.

What’s the vibe?

Relaxed and casual, yet with just enough period decor and atmosphere to make it something out of the ordinary. If you’re a Downton Abbey enthusiast, think of The Jekyll and Hyde as more downstairs than upstairs. It’s the jovial pub where the help enjoy their Sunday afternoon off, rather than the stiff drawing room where ‘The Quality’ sips Earl Grey.

What’s on the menu?

The food, however, is a good deal fancier than any Victorian servant could hope to get hold of. Would her Ladyship like to try a potato and chive pancake with cucumber salsa and lemon crème fraiche? No? Perhaps some wild garlic and parsley gnocchi, with a rose-scented panna cotta for dessert?

The three-course menu has four or five options per course, and of course each one has special gin cocktails recommended. On special Supper Club nights, an amusing and informative chat on the history of gin, and what exactly you’re drinking, complements the experience without taking it over.

What’s the damage?

Starters and desserts cost about £5 each, while the mains range £10-12. Cocktails are £5-6 each, or £15 for a flight of three. On Supper Club nights, you can get the whole lot (three courses plus drinks) for £35.

Definitely one for vintage lovers. See more photos of the fabulous interior and drinks here.