Moonlight Cinema, Birmingham, summer, outdoor screen, The Moonlight Cinema will be showcasing films between the 3rd July and the 31st August.

Arriving in Birmingham for the first time this Summer, the Moonlight Cinema celebrates the fantastic weather by hosting a series of outdoor film screenings. From the 3rd July until the 31st August, the outdoor cinema embarks on a film tour, visiting some of the most picturesque locations and spots that Birmingham has to offer.

Unlike most outdoor cinemas, Moonlight Cinema put complete power in the hands of its guests; each night's choice of film is completely determined by the guests and no body else. With an online voting platform and dozens of films to vote for, the team behind this Brummie venture hope to make sure that the people get exactly what they want. They even encourages guests to make suggestions for possible venues to host their extravagant evenings. Whether you fancy laughing the night away with Will Ferrell or would rather relive the crazy scenes of Wall Street in the 1990s with Leonardo DiCaprio, the huge spectrum of film choices will ensure you have a great time.

Times have changed. Exploited during Wimbledon and rebuild for World Cups, outdoor screens are not a new phenomenon. The concept of outdoor cinemas have occasionally struggled to pick up a lot of traction outside the capital, but not anymore. Birmingham's Moonlight Cinema has been inundated by an avalanche of requests for tickets and seats. Be sure to complete an online register to gain access to early bird tickets and get sent the latest information from the event organisers. 

The Moonlight Cinema perfectly combines everything we love about the silver screen with all the pleasantries of a cosy Summer's evening. Unwind on a picnic blanket with your drink, or bottle, of choice and watch the hours drift away into the still Summer night. 

The Moonlight Cinema holds its film series between the 3rd July and 31st August 2015. Locations and film times will be announced at a later date this Summer.