They grow up so fast! Our beloved FACE is growing up, turning 4 and we can barely believe it ourselves. As one of Birmingham’s best house and techno nights trundles on into the realms of legendary status, they haven’t forgotten their loyal and loving followers. To celebrate 4 years of badass beats and crazy parties the lovely FACE peeps are putting on a massive birthday party at The Rainbow Venues this coming October, and of course you are invited!

Purveyors on the Birmingham clubbing scene for over four years now, FACE promise a birthday corker at The Rainbow Venues this coming October.

So who is set to entertain you at marvellous birthday occasion on October 19th? Starting at 9pm and pulsing through till 6 in the morning, renowned French DJ trio Apollonia will be taking to the decks, as will experimental Dutch duo Detroit Swindle, Krystal Klear and Citizen. But that is not all, there will also be support sets from the fantastic FACE friends Collective who will be providing all the trippy tunes and birthday beats to set this party off with a bang.

First release tickets sold out like delicious house hotcakes, and the second release  batch of tickets, although now £15 are flying off the shelves. So make sure to yours online and be part of the Lord of the dance warehouse’s big day. Oh and have we wished you Happy Birthday yet, FACE? HAPPY DARN BIRTHDAY YOU LOVEABLE CLUBBING BUNCH!