Did you know there was a rage room in Birmingham?

Published . By Alexa Ross.

Come smash your frustrations away at the Grange Living Gaming Rage Room.

Ever get so mad you want to break something? If you've ever wanted to take a hammer to a television screen, you're in luck because Birmingham has its very own Rage Room in the Grange Live Gaming. The worldwide phenomenon has a simple premise - show up to release your anger and frustrations by beating the shit out of household objects.

Tickets are £20 for half an hour in protective gear with five small items to destroy. The deluxe ticket is £45, which adds three medium sized objects and a PRINTER to smash, Next time you want to punch a wall or throw your laptop across the room, get yourself to Birmingham's Anger Room and beat a printer to a pulp with a hammer instead. You'll thank yourself later. 

The Rage Room is in Grange Live Gaming, 93-99 Holloway Head, Birmingham, B1 1QP.