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It’s the season for indulgence, so this time it’s a Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant we’ve chosen. Turners Restaurant is a classy and intimate corner of gourmet food and attentive service, located on Harborne high street.

Harborne itself is a quaint and casually elegant suburb of Birmingham, equipped with Victorian houses, trendy gastropubs and, that marker of sophisticated consumerism, a Waitrose.

turners birmingham

Sleek yet sassy, laid back yet formal, Turners lacks an air of snobbery but does boast a fun filled feel of high dining class.

What’s the vibe?

Not necessarily stiff, but expect a certain air of formality. This is a classic dining experience; the decor, the music, the waiting service all work together to create a sense of occasion. The venue is definitely small, with just eight or so tables arranged to give a decent amount of space and privacy to each set of diners.

What’s on the menu?

The food at Turners is carefully prepared, and exquisitely presented. While not all dishes may be to your taste, it’s difficult not to appreciate the artistry and the skill apparent. Without a doubt, this is Masterchef dining. The lunch menu, for example, perfectly illustrates this ethos.

You might start with Smoked eel (with foie gras, apple ketchup and pickles), continue with Pheasant (with salt-baked celeriac, quince and watercress) and finally for dessert enjoy Apple (tarte tatin with sorrel sorbet).

In addition to the courses chosen, extra little surprises between courses will keep your palate entertained, and also mean that the myth of ‘still being hungry’ after sitting down to nouvelle cuisine is unlikely to be true.

turners restaurant birmingham michelin star food

Melt in the mouth courses at great prices for their Michelin worth, Turners is palate indulgent through and through.

What’s the damage?

Although this is a high-quality restaurant, the prices are not necessarily prohibitive:

Lunch menu: 2 courses (£29.95), 3 courses (£39.95), 4 courses (£49.95), 5 courses (£59.95)

Tasting menu: With wine (£85), without wine (£60)

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