absinthe, le truc, Birmingham, Absinthe in August, Robert WoodBurning its way into your Summer diary, Absinthe in August will leave you well-watered and wanting more.

For an August evening with a bit of bite, the team behind CocktailXChange and Le Truc will be showcasing the very best alcoholic creations using Le Fee Absinthe. The masterclass hopes to educate guests about the wonders of this historic beverage and is as flamboyant as the fluorescent colours of the drink itself. 

Experienced bartender Robert Wood is in charge of the sugar cubes and blow torch at this event. With an arsenal of spices, fruits and juices, he's created a special drinks menu for this event, designed specifically to tantalise the tastebuds of everyone taking part in this masterclass. Chests will burn, but it's definitely worth it.

The history surrounding absinthe is phenomenal. Despite originating in Switzerland, the spirit rose to prominence in France during the 19th century, gracing the lips of Europe's most famous writers and artisans. The eye-watering flavours and devilish colours have left it with a deadly reputation; something that Robert Wood hopes to dispel.

Wood will take guests down the roads of history. As arguably the key component defining Bohemian culture over the past two centuries, he'll explain the different ways the spirit was used, acting as the mental stimuli for Ernst Hemingway, James Joyce and many others.

Patrons will be given three different cocktails to sample, each of which stimulate different sensations on even the most seasoned palate. To round off proceedings, a glass from the Absinthe fountain will leave guests swaying and smiling as they journey home, bursting full of delectable cocktails and with a greater understanding of why Absinthe was once the most popular drink. You certainly won't forget this fluorescent evening.

The Masterclass is held at Le Truc, in Birmingham's Chinese Quarter. Only 40 tickets are available for this event, each costing £25. Buy tickets here.