Birmingham is a haven of creativity. From the whistle back in the late 19th century to the photocopier in 1779, the city's free thinkers have invented a number of luxury items that we take from granted today. But in recent years, rather than producing industrial materials and office equipment, the inspired minds have shifted their focus to Birmingham's culinary scene.

Chefs from all over the globe have descended on the Midlands, bringing with them their spice racks full of exotic flavours and the most bizarre fusion-based recipes ever created. Burgers, are in many ways the 21st century's blank canvases. From vegetarian creations to the traditional, spiced beef patties, a number of exquisite restaurants now offer mouth-watering burgers, all topped with an unforgiving amount of cheese, bacon and spicy condiments, and all finely balance between two glazed bread buns. Here's a list of five must-try burgers in Birmingham. 

The Blue and Black Burger- The Jekyll & Hyde

Based on Steelhouse Lane, The Jekyll & Hyde was established prestigious reputation for itself by boasting a wonderfully bizarre interior and an idyllic gin parlour. Their Alice in Wonderland Courtyard is bursting full of intriguing furniture, colourful decorations and the devil-may-care attitude that people love during the summer. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Blue and Black burger sticks out on their flavourful menu. Two beef patties, slathered in Gin mayo, are topped with a flat field mushroom and blue cheese before being delicately squeezed between two glazed buns. Mouth-watering indeed.

Jekyll and hyde, burgers, the blue and black burgerThe Blue and Black Burger is bursting full of flavour; the gin mayo in particular packs a potent punch.

The King is Dead Burger- The Church

Quaintly nestled in the iconic Jewellery Quarter, the Church is a traditional British watering-hole, beautifully decorated with endearing candlelit tables and a dark mahogany, prohibition-esque bar stocked full of all your favourite poisons. The bar's chefs have worked tirelessly to produce an irresistible menu full of your favourite contemporary comfort-food dishes and delights. Enter The King is Dead burger. Topped with American cheese, bacon crumbles, tomato jam and salty pickles, this chargrilled 6oz beef patty is then slathered with French mustard and placed in a buttermilk bun. Sweet and spicy at the same time, this fusion of flavour is a real treat for your tastebuds.

The Church, burger, birmingham, meat stackThe French mustard and tomato jam gives The King is Dead a sweet yet savoury taste.

The Jam Pudding Burger- The Meat Shack

With long queues that wind down Birmingham's many cosy streets, the Meat Shack is the city's most popular food stall. The burger connoisseurs pop up all over the city and have a reputation for producing irresistible, condiment filled burgers worthy of any fine-dining restaurant. The Jam Pudding Burger has become a favourite choice. Sweet, savoury, and smokey, it certainly leaves an impression on anyone lucky enough to try it. The Spicy dry-aged beef and black pudding patty is garnished with a dill pickle, bacon chilli jam, smooth Monterey Jack cheese and a smokey chipayo sauce. It's hard to believe so many exquisite flavours can be packed into a humble burger.

The jam pudding burger, meat shack, birminghamSweet, smokey, savoury and creamy, the Jam Pudding burger has it all.

The Mexican Burger- Warehouse Café

The Warehouse Café is dedicated to dispelling the unfair stereotype that depicts vegetarian and vegan meals as bland and boring. Their experienced team of chefs have let their creative side shine, coming up with a menu full of intriguing dishes that pack a punch and are pleasing on the eyes. The Mexican burger embodies everything this joint stands for. The patty element if this dish is made up of spinach, beans, wheat, herbs and nuts; adding a bit of character, copious amounts of salsa, cheese, jalapeños and home-made tortilla chips are then piled on top. Mexico City has never felt so close!

the mexican, warehouse cafe, burgers, birminghamAdding home-made tortilla chips to a burger allows the Mexican Burger to stick out above its competition.

The Bayou- The Victoria

With urban art and colourful murals splashed across the walls, the Victoria isn't your typical theatre-bar. Vintage bowler-hat lampshades, dark green leather sofas and low-hanging bird cages complete the experience, giving this spot a distinctly nostalgic feel. Bohemian by nature, it's perfect for Birmingham's young and expressive generation. From the turbulent streets of Louisiana, they present the Bayou Burger. Spicy southern fried chicken is tossed with potent barbecue sauce before being finished with smooth cheese and flavoursome coriander slaw. Placed in a brioche bun and served to an eager crowd, it has an uncanny ability to put a smile on even the most uninterested face. 

Bayou, the Victoria, birmingham burgersThe heat and vigour of the South is embodied in this flavoursome dish.