New bar spy - OKO

Posh sushi is on the menu at new Brindleyplace restaurant bar OKO


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Now Open

What they say:

OKO is the newest sushi bar to set up shop in Birmingham. The venue is actually on the ground floor of exclusive cocktail bar Nuvo, but aims to deliver a different experience while still maintaining the same high level of quality. The interior will be contemporary, yet contain Far Eastern flourishes to give it an Oriental edge alongside the delicious Japanese food. 

What we say:

Sushi! If it was up to me, 99% of my diet would be the good fish stuff, so a new venue dedicated to it, sashimi and dim sum is always a welcome addition. To wash it all down, the drinks are specifically designed to compliment the flavours of the dishes, which OKO hopes will reflect the vibrant flavours of Japan. But don't assume it's just all soy sauce and chopsticks: once the kitchen is closed, the DJ is out, creating a fun late night lounge bar.