Some may think that Kings Heath is the place to way hay bales roll by, but thanks to bars such as the brand new Sun at the Station, here's hoping for a quirky upheaval. From classic bevvies to its twist on a traditional pub, The Sun at the Station is a fun and unique alternative to your bog standard booxer

The Venue

Snuggling itself nicely into the Kings Heath High Street, The Sun at the Station is easy to find and on the eye; a cool, quirky venue from the outset. Boasting a chic décor with painted woodwork, squishy leather sofas and kitsch regalia all around, The Sun is just as welcoming inside. The bar is central and makes a great setting for a more inclusive atmosphere. Everyone was getting very involved with ‘Knitting Night’ which seemed to consist of three middle aged men sitting with their pints trying to knit with two screwdrivers and some string (getting quite competitive about it I might add). Apparently this is the kind of bizarre occurrence that is considered normal in The Sun on the Hill’s quirkier counterpart.

Look how happy the prehistoric chap above is? We were happy too to find a cool, kitsch venue in the heart of Kings Heath

The Food and Drink

The bar staff are all happy cheery people, and can offer you all your pub usual's with the addition of some speciality spirits, three regular ales and one monthly floating special ale. So lots to try; The Sun has plenty of choice when it comes to nosh as well. You have got your classics burgers, hotdogs and ciabattas with Sun at the Station's own gourmet twist; and the prices won’t leave a whole burning in your pocket, just one happy tum. Then of course you have the specials menu, a buzzing creation from the resident chef: a French native and a food fanatic. Each month this clever gent creates a new menu of specials with his own tasty recipes for all tastebuds from linguini to lamb pie and a luscious tagine.

The food and drink at The Sun and the Station are not only classic, firm favourites, they've bank friendly too.

The Atmosphere

The whole feel of The Sun at The Station was a chilled out community drinking hole of creative punters that is always up for a chat. Whilst quiet for a Wednesday night, there was a relaxing trickle of customers all night long. But don’t be fooled, this place sure knows how to throw a party given the chance. Tales of live bands playing out back in covered beer garden, and plenty of Brum’s favourite DJs heading to The Sun at the Station to play 50’s retro, House, Techo, Jazz, Indie assured me that come the weekend, The Sun on Station is positively buzzing.

Friendly and brimming with happy punters? The Sun at the Station is both relaxed and buzzing enough to suit anyone's taste.


The Sun on The Station was laid back and inviting, slightly off beat but that is why it works. Whether you are looking for a drink or a dance, The Sun at the Station may well be the perfectly balanced party you were looking for.