Located within the Jewellery Quarter; The Vaults really is a hidden gem within the Birmingham bar scene. Once you arrive, you’re unexpectedly transported to the 1800’s. The Vaults has an authentic Victorian vibe; I felt like it wouldn’t have been a surprise to bump into Sherlock Holmes.

The Venue

Walking to the bar, you’ll pass a row of inviting booths. Little caves of wonderment. Filled with luxurious sofas and plump cushions, eccentric pieces of art and the perfect mood lighting, these irresistible booths will draw you in and ask for nothing except your total relaxation. These can cater for big groups, or a couple fancying a snuggle. They can also be hired out for a truly unbeatable romantic meal for two or large groups. You tell them what you need, they’ll organise it. If you don’t want a booth and feel like being a little more sociable, The Vaults has a spacious bar and dining area which, in keeping with the theme, is equally gorgeous and inviting.

vaults brum

Brick-clad caverns of snug, The Vaults is an indulgent bar in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

The Drink

Take a look at the drinks menu, and you’ll struggle to choose just one of your favourites from the extensive list of classic cocktails. The usual suspects are there, but don’t expect to be handed a typical Manhattan or French Martini. Your drink will be prepared with precision and flare, (excuse the pun), and when it arrives and you take your first sip, whatever day of the week will automatically feel like Friday. They’re that good.

The impressive back bar boasts that it can produce more than a classic. Ask the barman if it’s possible for him to make something off-menu, and watch his eyes light up. Like an expert craftsman, he’ll create something that will have you coming back to test him again.


Mixology and classic cocktails are at the heart of this cool basement bar.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The vibe of The Vaults is a seductive subterranean grotto. It is decadent and enchanting. This is largely down to the interior, but equally the auspicious staff. I cannot fault the welcome and infectious good mood exuding from the managers, barmen and waitresses a like.

So, who will you see at The Vaults? Well… who won’t you? The Vaults accommodate for suits popping in after work, couples of any age (literally, even an adorable elderly couple are often seen having a coffee in the booths), or larger groups of friends or work colleagues. They really will mould your experience around your needs.


Pretentious? I think not. The Vaults is as inviting as any city centre boozer.


In short; I fell in love as soon as I stepped in. The Vaults is not in the most obvious place, which makes it one of the more secret hot spots I would recommend. I’m already thinking of an excuse to throw a party there!