Located on the corner of Highfield Road Edgbaston, just across from the Michelin Star eaterie Simpsons is a welcome new addition to Edgbaston, Norjske champagne and wine bar. This savvy little hideaway oozes ‘edge’ from each well decorated, minimalistic crevice, at last ... we can experience a taste of Scandinavia on our doorstep.

The Venue

The venue has a relaxed yet up-market feel, from its exterior cool blue lights which really ‘wow’ in to the evening to its elk skin rugs, sleek furniture and abundance of bespoke drinks. Reminiscent of the cool Scandinavian climate, Norjske bar exudes a simplistic European elegance, the walls are draped in quirky communal art work and the bar staff are most welcoming. Couple all that with a nice combination of both leather sofas and steel bar chairs and Norjske becomes a top notch destination for pre-party drinks in the city.

Norjske Review Birmingham

 Subtle tones, classic furniture and a blue hue; Norjske in Edgbaston have got Scandi-chic on point.


Norjske is categorically a place for refined drinkers who are looking to try something new, whether it's wine, spirits or indeed a cheeky glass of indulgent Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle, prices start from as little as £4.00 and visitors can enjoy everything from Absinthe to Campari and even fortified wines.

One can immediately tell that the drinks menu has been well planned and showcases the very best in Scandinavian and locally sourced offerings. The craft beer selection is extensive and Aquavit is a firm menu staple. Being Norjske’s signature tipple, it’s a must try. Legend has it that those who drink it, welcome good health, (this alone is reason enough to justify a sample surely?) If it’s wine you're after, then you will not be disappointed; the menu incorporates a global offering where a bottle of Romanian Sauvignon Blanc starts from £17.95 and for those who want to push the boat out, New Zealand’s Pinot Noir is available at £37.95. Overall, something for everyone.

Norjske Review Birmingham 2

From the Scandinavian water of life and fortified wines to global tipples, Norjske has more premium an offering than you'd expect.

The Atmosphere

Norjske offers something chic and fabulous to the fast developing area of Edgbaston, set within some seriously picturesque foliage, the bar has a real charm and character. Its the perfect spot for the young and hip as well as for the more experienced crowd, it somehow manages to appeal to both. Not really surprising, as the Scandinavian theme is something new to the city. The bar sits on the floor above the Deli at Edgbaston, which during the day offers customers the very best in locally sourced foods. The venues choice of music lends itself to helping create a perfect evening spot to unwind, with its mellow tempo and uplifting beats, perfect for evening drinks after work, or an alternative bar near town to start the night's proceedings.

Norjske Review Birmingham 4

From pre-party tipples to hazy late night doozies, Norjske has adapted the laid back Scandi way of life into its bar.


This beautifully designed, well executed, plush and serene drink spot definitely requires a visit, setting a great benchmark as the first Scandinavian themed bar outside our capital city.

Full of character with a chilled out and plush vibe, this venue boasts a reason to don your best faux fur, its cheaper than a trip away and expensive enough to make you feel special. Norjske has firmly made a mark, beckoning after work visitors for a Scandi treat; get ready to be transported people....