New bar spy - Cafe Colette

Live jazz music and prohibition cocktails at new 1920s bar Cafe Colette

Cafe Colette

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TBC Autumn

What they say:

The 1920s are back, baby, and it’s just as debauched and extravagant as before. Well, that’s the plan with Café Colette, an art deco bar hoping to encapsulate the spirit of flapper and party woman Colette, who escaped an unhappy marriage to discover true freedom. The bar leans heavily onto its time period with a blue art deco colour scheme, coupled with period furniture and plotted plants to give it that kitsch edge.

What we say:

Get those clicking fingers ready because Digbeth Dining Club is about to get a jazz infusion. Sitting next to the award-winning street food hub, they’ll supply extra seating and prohibition style cocktails for the hungry visitors, both in its main bar and the outside garden area. But if you're a live music fan - and who isn't really a live music fan? - they've got something special up its sleeve: live jazz. Your weeks are about to get several times more jazz hands-y.