Pushkar - Cocktail Bar Review

Published . By Taylah Catlow.

Situated in the last place you'd expect to find a swanky, stylish cocktail bar and restaurant, Birmingham's nightlife emporium Broad Street, is Pushkar. Although primarily a spot for delicious Indian food, this venue has deservedly earned its title as one of Birmingham's finest cocktail bars too.

The Venue

Sporting an elegant, all-white interior, this cocktail bar-come-restaurant screamed with style and sophistication. Don't let this put you off though...it was the very opposite of pretentious thanks to the welcoming, friendly staff and long tables which are perfect for getting all your friends together.

pushkar birmingham review

Decadent and dapper yet wholly humble, Pushkar is a cocktail bar in Birmingham that is as plush as it truly looks.

The Drinks

The cocktails were truly fantastic and all exquisitely made by the professional, efficient bar staff. From the innovative Pineapple and Sage Margarita, which had a unique hint of sage and pepper that worked surprisingly well in a cocktail, to the classic Singapore Sling, which they made exactly as it should be to honour the original recipe and method...a classic is a classic for a reason, so why change it? My favourite of the night went to Brahma's Creation - a fruity cocktail that mixed mango, apricot, passion fruit, orange and cranberry in a complex but perfectly balanced drink, complete with a shot of champagne!

pushkar birmingham review cocktails

Far flung flavours and creativity reign supreme at a cocktail bar like Pushkar.

The Atmosphere

Throughout the night there was a vibrant, lively atmosphere. The venue was buzzing with conversation and the clinking of glasses, and filled with the wonderful aroma of their delightful Indian dishes. I quickly relaxed into this exciting environment and found it difficult to leave when the night all too quickly came to an end. Granted it was a Saturday night when we visited, but every time that I have passed Pushkar during the week it's been extremely busy inside too.

pushkar cocktail bar review birmingham

Plush without being pretentious, Pushkar has a consistent buzz no matter what day of the week.


With an excellent menu and even better execution, Pushkar is a top pick for cocktails in Birmingham. It seems to be the perfect location for a relaxed evening of cocktails with friends, a special occasion or pre-drinks before hitting Broad Street.