New bar spy - Felson's Birmingham

This suave new Broad Street pool bar channels 1950s cool and delivers creative cocktails

Felson's Birmingham

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What they say:

Felson’s might be the first case of something trying to be cool and actually succeeding. See, the venue takes its name from Eddie Felson, a 1950s eight ball hero played by Paul Newman in an Oscar winning performance in The Color of Money. And this influence is in the venue’s DNA, with an interior that’s a blend of contemporary, stripped back walls, quirky light fittings of hanging bulbs and incandescent lights, and pool-themed street art. Eddie’s smooth chat up lines and quotes are found throughout the bar (even in the toilet) too, making this look like a genuinely cool place to hang out.

What we say:

While it’s all well and good getting chatted up by a wall, we all need a drink first, and they have it in abundance. The cocktail list is extensive, shaking up a variety of tasty mixed drinks with tongue-in-cheek names like ‘Netflix and Chill'. The food is predominately American, with smaller bites like duck and chicken wings, medium bites like pool-inspired burgers, and big bites like the Wafflewich Feast, made from two giant waffles, a beef burger, pulled pork, breaded chicken, bacon and cheese. If you can still move after that, there’s shuffleboard, table football and, of course, pool to play. If you can’t, slump in front of the TV and watch the sports.