We all know the higher you climb within Selfridges, the more luxurious it gets; which is why it’s no surprise that you’ll find The Balcony bar on the fourth floor. A million miles away from its predecessor, it is sumptuous and just oh-so-cool. Spotless, sharp and exuding sophistication; this bar is an absolute pleasure to visit.

The Venue

Four floors of shopping luxury and this is the tip of the iceberg. Named The Balcony for more than obvious reasons, this sweeping bar was not only surrounded by a balcony overlooking shoppers, it was boasting an air of bistro chic that I was surprised to find. From plush upholstery and a main restaurant area to tipples by the champagne bar, The Balcony was both wholesome in its style and chic in its interiors.

balcony birmingham bar restaurant review

Four floors up and gleaming over shoppers below, The Balcony is classic, fresh and plays up to its contemporary Selfridges home.

The Drink

I had a Wooden Blush; a gorgeous gin-based cocktail mixed with tastes of raspberries, strawberries and pomegranate, lavishly topped up with Prosecco and served in an irresistible-looking tall jar. Exquisite. My partner-in-crime had a Polish Flower; another simply stunning drink. A deliciously delicate balance of apple, vanilla and cinnamon; very cleverly served in a perfume-like bottle to blend in with the environment of Selfridges. Of course, if you’re looking for a little decadence; the selection of bubbles and wines are on point. They hold a happy hour too; so there’s no excuse not to indulge!

I’d absolutely encourage you to have some nibbles too; the sliders in particular are both adorable and delectable. Just looking at the food menu will have you wondering why you ever stopped to grab a packet sandwich whilst shopping when you could enjoy an hour of what feels like Michelin starred luxury.

balcony cocktails review birmingham

Fresh and handmade, quirks might not be their forte but cocktails at The Balcony retain an air of sophistication.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

You’ll be greeted at the door and immediately feel like you’re part of the high-living club. The staff are just plain lovely. Knowledgeable, too! The atmosphere is more than relaxed, it’s refined. It’s the perfect place for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. It makes what is usually a quick refuelling on a shopping trip a whole new experience. I’d recommend you take your mum or stop off with the girls. Even the boyfriend might deserve a drink after a couple of hours carrying the bags! When you think about the alternatives, there really is no competition.

balcony champagne bar review birmingham

A top notch stop off for a Mother's treat or post-shopping with the girls alike, The Balcony is charming and bustling.


You may think that The Balcony bar is going to be completely out of your price range. No one would blame you for thinking that from the elegant exterior and backdrop of lavish designer handbags, but let me tell you a little secret… It’s not. You’ll spend no more than you would in any of the chain restaurant/coffee shop alternatives, and who could resist sitting back in a big comfy chair with a glass of Champagne, people-watching as they shop? It’s an absolute delight.