New Bar Spy - Kobo

Sydney CBD's Hot New Restaurant Is Showcasing Korean Omakase, And We're Here For it



Now Open

Fusing Japanese omakase with traditional Korean flavours, plus adding a hint of Australian influence, Kobo in Sydney's CBD has really caught our eye. 

And while the opening comes from the same team behind local favourites Tokki and Marble BBQ (both of which boast a Japanese-Korean blend), this reimagination of a traditional bapsang is inspired by the life of Jacob Lee, the owner and the chef.

He says that "Kobo is me" and that it has no rules, as he draws upon the ingredients and flavours of the three countries that have moulded his culinary career. The result? An epic dining experience, where you never know what you're going to get next. Just think - a new, themed menu every three months, each reflecting a different region, season or memory of his journey as a chef.

The venue is incredibly intimate, with only enough space for up to eight people to sit around the solid marble counter. Fronting a clean, minimalist aesthetic (the only decor seems to be a single plant and a few international bottles lining the back wall) it gives a strong nod to its East Asian influence.

Although the menu changes quarterly, you can expect things like a seaweed roll filled with Wagyu tartare, truffled mash, plus a dash of sea urchin. And if you're thirsty? Opt for a drinks pairing that includes Japanese whisky and Korean soju, or simply choose from the ample selection of local wines.

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