Australia’s Largest Art Festival Has Landed In Sydney

Published . By Abigale Leyton.

Biennale Of Sydney | DesignMyNight

Expect large-scale installations in this cool space.

Fancy a taste of culture? Well, Biennale Of Sydney, Australia's largest festival of contemporary art is back again for its 23rd year. Located at The Arts Exchange on Hickson Road, this world-renowned event is centred around the theme of 'rīvus': a Latin term for 'stream'. Not only are participants showcasing rivers, wetlands and ecosystems, but they are delving into the dialogue of beings and organisms' perspectives of life.

What to expect? This year will be the first of The Cutaway, a cool concrete underground space where Cave Urban's largest-ever bamboo structure, Flow, is on display. Or, if you're a nature lover, The Great Animal Orchestra, an immersive soundscape that aims to raise awareness on global warming, is being shown with abstract visualisations. Other highlights include a 365-million-year-old fish fossil and a mural-sized collage. Now, that's impressive. 

The Biennale of Sydney is open to the public until Monday 13th June at The Arts Exchange, 10 Hickson Road, Sydney, 2000. Looking for more? Check out our top picks of hot tickets and events in the city.