Korean Cauli Tacos & Tequila BBQ: Meet Sheffield's Coolest Mexican Restaurant Hidden Inside A Cocktail Bar

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Neatly tucked on the corner of Division Street, one of Sheffield’s busiest hotspots, Gatsby has been fuelling locals with experimental cocktails and comfort food for over a decade - something we can all get behind. Home to kitchen residents Shy Boy Cantina, this place had us munching through plates of Mexican-inspired goodness and sipping unique drinks from the bar when we headed over.

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Gatsby Sheffield's menu is brought to you by Shy Guy Cantina.

Despite being a small space, made up of an L-shaped main area, Gatsby still uses every nook and cranny - meaning it's the perfect date night spot if you can bag the right table. Complementing the stripped-back decor, walls here are scattered with artwork that highlights a selection of Northern phrases, like the tongue-in-cheek phrase ‘owt owt’ to hone in on the restaurant's Yorkshire roots. The gorgeous outside area is a plant haven drenched in florals and purple paint - oh, and it features a massive elephant statue too. While made for summer days, it being March and all, we were seated inside at the prime window seat that looks over the main street; ideal for people watching and two seconds from the bar - score

Going for the classic sharesies between two, our main carb-focus for lunch was the butternut squash and blue cheese burrito (£9.50). Paired with flavourful fillings of red rice, turtle beans, crema, pico de gallo, coriander, Monterey jack cheese and avocado, this was wrapped tightly in branded tinfoil. Alongside was a handful of tortilla chips boasting additional salsa and cilantro toppings. We dipped these in our side of creamed corn (£3.50), a subtle blend of spicy veg, Manchego cheese, jalapenos and, you guessed it, more herb-covered pico de gallo. Although relatively bland alone, it went well with all the other flavours going on.

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There are sumptuous spreads aplenty here.

My favourite item? The Korean fried cauli wings (£4.50). Drowning in gochujang sauce and scattered with spring onions, radish and sesame seeds, this was absolutely delicious - and fully vegan. There was so much flavour, while not being overbearing. Sticky sweet sauces like this can often become either too intense or lose their pow after a couple of bites, but this side stayed mouthwatering throughout. In fact, it was so moreish I even opted for the Korean fried cauliflower taco (2 for £8.50) as my main. These six inch beauties were bursting with deep-fried veg, alongside the same sauce and toppings combo as the 'wings'.

Finally, we nabbed a portion of fries (£3) to taste test Gatsby's selection of interesting sauces. Covered in ‘secret salt’, these were a great additional snack and allowed us to try the tequila BBQ (£1) too. You’ve heard of whiskey or Bourbon-laced dips, but there was something so subtle about this alternative that provided an almost sour flavour to balance out any sweetness - delicious.

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Wash your Mexican meal down with signature sips.

We then finished our Thursday lunch with cocktails. Feeling rather lavish already, we demonstrated a lot of self-restraint and chose one each. While classics were plentiful, I naturally opted for something unique to Gatsby from their 'gold' section: the Pale Rider (£9.50). A blend of Ketel One citroen vodka, apricot, lemon, passionfruit, apple and pineapple, it was difficult not to drink this all in one. A long cocktail served with plenty of ice and a pineapple wedge, it was a very refreshing end to my meal.

My guest went for a more Mexican-inspired concoction that's designed to be paired with the food, landing on the Penicilina (£10). A play on the classic penicillin cocktail, this one was made of Tapatio Reposado, Cazcabel honey, lime, agave and ginger - switching the traditional scotch for tequila and having lime in place of lemon. Although I'm not a huge fan of a tequila-based drink, this was very palatable and used the other ingredients to balance the bold spirit base.

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Gatsby is a must-visit if you’re looking to nurse a hangover, or simply crave some delicious comfort food. Although, the unique and thoughtful cocktail menu alone is enough to warrant a trip here. There are also plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, meaning there’s no need to stress about dietary requirements when you need somewhere for a group catchup.

  💰 The damage: Around £50 for two, plus service charge.

  📍  The location: 73-75 Division Street, S1 4GE.

  👌 Perfect for: Hair of the dog and Mexican comfort food.

 ⭐ Need to know: Gatsby is also home to a hip hop bottomless brunch every Saturday.


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