Clubs in Nottingham

A vertible powerhouse of DJ nights, parties and club cavorting, Nottingham is a must-try for the dancefloor demon in all of you. We know he's in there. Nottingham's nightclubs boast everything from private booths and resident party players, to guest DJ appearances, pocket friendly prices and more; so why not check out our recommendations for some of the best clubs in Nottingham and show this beaming city any and all shapes that you can throw.

Last updated on 1st April 2022

INK isn't just a club in Nottingham, it's a party stronghold. Home to 4 clubs and 8 bars under one roof, INK has the biggest nighttime offering in the city. From laser beam nights and a unique roster of name DJ faces to heaving dancefloors and futuristic rooms, INK is bringing Nottingham's clubbing scene into the future. 

Those of you looking for a dose of Nottingham clubbing and live music alike will see the Rescue Rooms as your savior. Not only hosting some of the best indie gig nights in the city for over a decade, Rescue Rooms isn't shy of a DJ sessions thanks to regular nights, affordable drinks and a buzzing atmosphere. 

A haven for dance music in Nottingham, clubbers don't go to Stealth to chat, they go to dance. Brimming with beats, those looking for a Nottingham nightclub with the beaming playlist to match will find a haven in Stealth. Having seen some of the best international DJs in the business, Stealth is a venue you can count on for a good night out in Nottingham. 

A name that many will recognise thanks to their party brand boasting locations the UK over, Oceana is a nightclub in Nottingham with party tomfoolery at its heart. One of the cheapest clubs in Nottingham thanks to reasonable entry prices and happy hours, this roaring venue is also a pocket friendly option for a night out in the city.