Here Are The 5 Best Walks In Nottingham

Published . By Kavita Singh.

Without a doubt, Nottinghamshire is one of the most gorgeous cities, boasting lush greenery, scenic landmarks and plenty of nature to explore. Whether you’re in need of some fresh crisp air or on the hunt for your new running route, we’re breaking down all the trails you’ll need. Here’s our trusty guide to all the best walks in Nottinghambeleaf us on this one.

River Trent Walk

Ready for River Trent's Walk? Start off your path with a quick drink at Brewhouse Kitchen & Bar before scooting your way toward the Beeston area. The main attraction? The river stretches over 185 miles making it one of the best waterside walks in Nottinghamshire. With swans and other wildlife, you can skip stones, take a breather or partake in some wholesome bird watching.

River Trents Walk Nottingham | DesignMyNight

For easy-going saunters, check out this Nottingham canal walk.

Nottingham’s Hidden Treasures

Fancy hidden walks in Nottingham? Appropriately named Nottingham’s Hidden Treasures, this is an absolute gem if you’re looking for easier routes. Created by Nottingham Walks By Bus series, the trail is fab for those wanting to learn some history behind the Midlands. You’ll come across checkpoints with straightforward directions to your next destination. Just be cautious that there are a few set of steps along the way. And afterward, head to Sir John Borlase Warren on Ilkeston Road for post-walk sips.

Nottingham Hidden Treasures Walk | DesignMyNight

Ideal if you're looking for all the tourist attractions.

Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground

This gorgeous haunt promises plenty of sites to see along the way, including a cracking playground upon entering. Perfect for family walks in Nottingham, you can walk around the Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground and then make your way towards Victoria Embankment. You’ll get to see the area’s iconic suspension bridge, and if you’re thirsty afterwards, check out none other than Embankment for a pint.

Queen's Walk Nottingham | DesignMyNight

Pimp up your stride with this scenic walk.

Nottinghamshire Wolds

For Nottingham circular walks, check out this 13-kilometre trail, which links three villages across the Trent Valley. It starts in Keyworth, where you’ll see footpaths and come across low inclines. Plus, you can get some energy and grab a bite at Indian haunt, 7 Spice along the wayEven better, once you get to the last half of the walk, you’ll see horses and cattle – a real treat during your retreat.

Nottinghamshire Wolds Walk | DesignMyNight

This circular walk is ideal for summery strolls and delish nosh.

Colwick Country Park

If you’re on the hunt for walks around Nottingham city centre, then Colwick Country Park is an excellent destination. Along with accessible paths to discover spanning 250 acres, the area is bursting with things to do, from checking out the wildlife spots to geocaching and fishing. Just a 10-minute drive away, Poppy and Pint is great if you’ve got a hankering for a roast or burger, while The Larwood And Voce knocks up refined British dishes.

Colwick Country Park Walk | DesignMyNight

This countryside park in Nottingham is fab for walks on the weekend.

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