New bar spy - Store Street Exchange

A new industrial-style restaurant and dedicated craft beer bar are opening in Manchester

Store Street Exchange

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September 2017

What they say:

Doubletree by Hilton are opening two new spots on their ground floor. Both Store Street Exchange (a restaurant) and Store Street Craft Bar will be inspired by the hotel's location which is close to Piccadilly Station. Formerly known as Store Street during the industrial revolution, the train station will be lending industrial themes to both venues, with a minimalist design which includes stone pillars, bare light bulbs and neutral tones. The restaurant will be open from breakfast through to dinner as they serve seasonal produce which has been cooked on a rotisserie or grill.

What we say:

We've just received doubly good news as Doubletree are opening not one new venue, but two on their ground floor. Store Street Exchange will be a standalone restaurant with private meeting rooms, that serves dishes such as a whole bird roasted and dished up with seasonal veg. Store Street Craft Bar, will be more of a late-night venue, as the bar serves a variety of beers from Manchester as well as further afield. For those who don't drink beer, there will also be a short and sweet cocktail list.