New bar spy - Featherblade

All steak a tenner at new mono-menu restaurant Featherblade


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What they say:

Forget paying top dollar for your steak as Featherblade restaurant serves a 'mono-menu' with the one dish being a featherblade steak costing £10. Opened by Panama Hatty's, the Tex Mex restaurant, the new venue is also located on Brown Street and has a cocktail bar which serves everything from Old Fashioneds to Amaretto Sours.

What we say:

Life is easier at Featherblade, none of this poring over the menu for hours unsure what to eat. Instead, you order your steak which comes with a green salad and add on whichever sides you fancy. Choose from accompaniments such as dripping-fried chips and creamed spinach. With such an easy menu, we think Featherblade is going to be a huge hit for lunch and after-work dinners.