New bar spy - Brewski Mosley Street

Brewski is bringing poutine and craft beer to second venue in the City Centre

Brewski Mosley Street

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What they say:

Chips and gravy – you can’t get more Manchester than that, right? WRONG. Poutine is the Canadian national dish, consisting of the mouth-watering trio of chips, cheese curds, and gravy. This is what Brewski, the popular Chorlton bar, will be focusing on in their new City Centre location. The new venue will lean into this Canadian heritage with a lodge-style interior, and will even feature a giant carved bear. Just don’t let it steal your chips.

What we say:

Poutine is the focus of their new branch, piling those mountains of chips, cheese curds and gravy everyday with three different roast or slow-cooked meats that you can add on top, or eat in a hot deli sandwich instead. For vegetarians (and those who love it), there’s raclette with roast vegetables and pickles – which involves melting cheese from a huge wheel. These guys love cheese. You can wash all this down with a selection of craft beers, or cocktails, milk and boozy milkshakes called ‘Ardshakes, if hops aren’t your thing.