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Only the freshest British-sourced food at new Ancoats restaurant


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Summer 2018

What they say:

Mana reimagines the British dining experience, stepping away from fine dining and moving toward all-around quality. All dishes are sourced strictly from British seasonal produce, showcasing the best of what our islands have to offer. Former NOMA chef and Mana restaurant owner, Simon Martin, wants the venue to be relaxing and interactive for diners. Anything from 12 to 18 dishes, including fresh offerings such as butternut squash tart cooked in beeswax and English Tostadas with spring wildflowers, will be served in quick succession. The restaurant will be open four days a week and seat up to 30 people at a time.

What we say:

Everyone can relate to wanting to get a taste of a bit of everything a menu has to offer. Mana lets you do that without having to spend several hours at their restaurant. Diners will be able to get through a 12-course menu in 90 minutes or less. Best of all, its fresh and local sourcing means you're supporting the British market and the environment. The bill won't be cheap, but you're guaranteed top-notch quality and a comfortable easy-going experience. Mana may eventually push other venues to go in a similar direction, but for now it's the only restaurant doing it in Manchester meaning it will be time and money well spent.