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Situated just next door to Cuba Cafe in the Northern Quarter lies Port St. Beer House, a traditional British pub with modern twists and an extensively impressive menu. As a keen ale drinker myself, I was excited to pop down and see what this Manchester bar has in store for me.

The Venue

Walking in the front door and turning right into the main room, you'll find a spacious, well lit pub with clean, modern furnishings and simple, stripped back decor. Clearly here the focus is all on the drinks - and at the back of the room where the bar is located, I see more beers than any liver could handle. Chalk boards above the bar display some specifics about some of the featured beers including a 32% offering called Tactical Nuclear Penguin. After a short chat with the more than helpful bartender we made our choices and took a booth in the corner to enjoy the surroundings.

Port Street Beer House

Port Street Beer House is one of Manchester's best craft beer bars

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The chilled out atmosphere and exciting range of beers available attract quite a varied mix of people. As real ale continues to increase in popularity, more and more people are beginning to appreciate places such as Port St. Beer House and what it has to offer. There's a generally older, non-student crowd that frequent this bar but there really is a feeling that everyone is welcome here. Occasionally in specialist bars there can be a feeling that if you don't know your beers then you may not be made to feel welcome, but that's not the case here; Port St. Beer House is happy to serve - and if asked, educate - all. I certainly learnt a lot about the beers from the helpful staff on my visit. 

Port Street Beer House

Plenty of seating upstairs lends a cosy pub atmosphere

The Food and Drink

In bars like Port St. Beer House I often ask the bartenders advice on what beers to try and why. I was recommended a lovely porter; a hoppy, light ale, and my friend ordered a bottle of Punk IPA. On repeat visits to the bar I tried to get through as much as possible - the choice is truly staggering. Every offering has something about it that makes you want to go back for more but I feel it's important to vary your choice when there are so many options. There are more than enough drinks on the menu to warrant repeat visits to this impressive Manchester bar

Port Street Beer House

Port St Beer House makes an ideal spot for after work drinks in the Northern Quarter


The Port St. Beer house provided the ideal setting to enjoy a number of drinks from all around the world, and more importantly, all around Manchester too. A fantastic bar with real character and a menu impressive enough to keep you coming back again and again. We certainly have unfinished business with it!