Vent's existence has been pretty nomadic so far; spending time in both a Manchester basement and a Sheffield cutlery factory. Popping back to Manc for a sentimental short stay, this time Vent is inhabiting a disused club space in a nod towards convention.

Kicking off it's fleeting visit on 7th November, Vent's philosophy is all about the music. Vent = To allow free expression of (a strong emotion). Everyone from Abba to Shakespeare knew it... what with the 'thank you for the music' and 'if music be the sound of love' business. Vent seems genuinely interested in creating a stripped back, speaker heavy environment for liberating larks. Play on. 

Start getting excited now. This wonderlust-ing wonder has got big plans for you! 

Showcasing Phife Dawg from the infamous Tribe Called Quest and We are The Brand, it's pretty clear that Vent knows what it's doing! Previous appearances include Dalton, Jack Wickham, Nightmares on Wax and Oliver Drops. Although the specific location is still veiled in mystery, it will include three dynamic spaces. Who can guess what The Hall, The Workshop and The Menikmati Bar will look like? What's more, Vent assures us that the whole place will allow 1000 capacity. You'll definitely be sorry to see this transitory tearaway go!